Episode 117 - Why Community Is Important For Your Business

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Have you ever felt like no one really understands what you do and gives your a confused look when you try to explain your business?🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ As an online entrepreneur/mompreneur, I feel that way sometimes and that’s why on today’s episode, I share with you the importance of finding a community to be your cheerleaders, supporters, and someone to talk shop with and where to find those friends. I also dole out some of the best advice I have received about why it’s not always best to be the smartest girl in the room. I also highlight the need to nurture your personal community, as well as your business community. So say yes to those invites for a mom’s night out or take the initiative and invite your fellow girlfriends over for a wine and cheese night. I want to support you as you build a thriving business, but also a joy-filled life surrounded by an amazing sisterhood. 💐


  1. Where I have met my best friends in the industry

  2. Why investing time, money, and space can lead to the strongest, most lasting community

  3. How a coaching program can be an access point to an even larger and greater network

  4. What are the rooms you should be in and how to get in them

  5. Why showing up is meaningful to all areas in life, both personal and business related

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Inspired Coterie Mastermind

Lara Casey - CEO of Cultivate What Matters

Amber Lilyestrom - my biz coach!

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Amber Housley is a creative business and sweet life cultivator who founded her first business in 2007. Today, she's a Marketing Strategist for top creatives and influencers, producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with her sales and launch strategies. Passionate about raising women to new heights, Amber shares her smart strategies with other women business owners through live and virtual trainings like the Flourish 5-day Marketing Plan Workshop and Inspired Retreat— an annual business gathering of women entrepreneurs. Her private Inspired Coterie Mastermind program is made for women want to run creative businesses efficiently, with joy, and without the expense of sacrificing family time.

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