Episode 105 - Sweet Saturday: November Home & Life Update


In this episode of Sweet Saturdays, Amber reads her first winner of the podcast review contest. Then Amber reveals how the Instant Pot was intimidating, and she let it sit in her pantry unopened for months. Also, Amber’s Dahlias are thriving even at the end of October. Clean-up for the garden is approaching to pull everything up and possibly grow some pansies to provide soil nutrients. Amber reveals how she is preparing to buy some bulbs for Spring and then recommends some resources. Later, we learn about the Joyful Garden Planner and Amber’s first relaxing holiday season. Look forward to Amber’s holiday season bucket list to find inspiration and fun ideas to make memories with your family this season. Lastly, Amber talks about her holiday plans, decorating, and pollinating her Meyer lemon tree.

Enjoy the show!


Floret Flowers: https://www.floretflowers.com

Blooming Blub: https://www.bloomingbulb.com

Longfield Gardens: https://www.longfield-gardens.com

The Joyful Garden Planner: https://www.joyfulgardenplanner.com

Joyful Garden Planner Instagram @joyfulgardenplanner

Making Things Happen Conference: https://makingthingshappen.com

Fast Growing Trees: https://www.fast-growing-trees.com


Show Notes:

  • Amber reads a podcast review 00:01:20

  • Instant Pot is intimidating 00:02:45

  • Dahlias are thriving 00:04:05

  • Garden clean-up 00:07:10

  • Buying bulbs for Spring 00:08:10

  • Joyful Garden Planner 00:09:15

  • Amber has never had a relaxing holiday season 00:11:05

  • Holiday season bucket list 00:12:00

  • Early Christmas decorating 00:12:45

  • Thanksgiving camping trip 00:13:10

  • Making Things Happen Conference 00:13:55

  • Meyer lemon tree 00:14:45

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