How to Market Your Business in the New Year with Lindsay Teague Moreno


In this Special Edition episode, I interview Lindsay Teague Moreno, a serial entrepreneur and published author. We dive into her journey from a photographer to a multi-talented Jack Jill-of-all trades, who is making entrepreneurship a viable option for moms who want to share their talents and gifts with the world. She offers insightful advice from her experiences, including the value in planning your social media, and how to embrace what isn’t working in your business and how to fix it.

This special edition episode offers a sneak peek at the content available in my signature Flourish 5-Day Marketing Plan Workshop. These short & sweet guest interviews feature industry friends and I wanted to pull them out of the vault for you. They reference 2018, but are filled with so many nuggets of wisdom and marketing inspiration, I knew you needed to hear them.

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  1. Why authenticity and honesty in her brand has been her greatest strength

  2. What is her super simple, almost cost-free marketing tactic that works every time  

  3. How to break down a marketing campaign into smaller steps to achieve big results

  4. Why giving yourself daily wins can be the difference between success and failure

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Lindsay Teague Moreno is a serial entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar income in less than two years using her online platform only. She's also the author of Amazon Bestseller, Getting Noticed: A No-Nonsense Guide to Standing Out and Selling More for Momtrepreneurs Who 'Ain't Got Time for That.'

She prides herself on 3 things: the capacity to make a PB&J (on organic bread, of course) while writing an email, her ability to drop an impeccably-timed movie quote, and a willingness to be vulnerable and honest about what she's learned in business.

Lindsay lives with her husband, 3 little girls, and, because she's a glutton for punishment, a new puppy. Her dance moves and essential oil stash are the envy of Denver, Colorado, where Lindsay lives. One of those things are true.


Facebook: @LTMauthor

Instagram: @lindsayteague

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