Grab a glass of sweet tea...

& hang out with me during this one-hour workshop!


3 Secrets to a
Growing & Thriving
Creative Business

Whether you're a just-getting-started mamapreneuer or a seasoned creative business owner, this workshop will uncover all the delightful details (and my top secrets!) you need to know about running a successful business.

What we'll cover during this workshop:

  • Secret #1: The number one thing successful mompreneurs are doing in their business
  • Secret #2: How to market your business even when you don't feel like the techy one or can keep up with all the social media platforms
  • Secret #3: How to grow your taking fewer customers (yes, really!)

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About your hostess, Amber Housley

I’ve built three six-figure creative businesses, from scratch, all while raising two children under six. I can honestly tell you that there is no magic pill or pixie dust that will skyrocket your success.

But I can share my top tips for raising babies and a business at the same time.

As a Marketing Strategist, I've managed digital marketing activities for some of the top influenecers and bloggers in the creative industry.

With my expertise, I've led sales and launch strategies for products that produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales revenue.

And, I'm passionate about continued learning, entreprenership, and raising women to new heights. Over the last 5 years, more than 300+ female business owners have attended my four-day creative business retreat, Inspired Retreat.

I believe in sharing as much as I can with other mamas who want to grow thriving businesses and a joyful life, too.

Balancing family and business is always going to be hard, the trick is to get out of your own way and trust that there are smart strategies to run your business, so you can spend more time creating and being with the people that mean the most to you.