Tips & Tools for Filing Taxes for Creative Entrepreneurs


Let’s be real, the words “taxes” and “creative” feel like they are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

But as a creative entrepreneur flashing that CEO title around, you do have financial responsibilities.

In my 10+ years of entrepreneurship, I’ve come to realize everything is figureouttable -- even taxes!

However, as others try to sway you with all the dizzying options of deductions and write-offs available for small business, but it can leave you feeling a little more than overwhelmed.

For me, it’s very important for me to feel confident and clear that my financial responsibilities are accurate so I prefer to not go the DIY route in this area of my business. Instead my strategy is to bring in the professionals.


Enter H&R Block Online.

H&R Block Online helps small business owners complete personal and business taxes the right way for each of our own unique situations. Quite simply, they make small business tax filing simple.


Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be stressful or hard.

Using H&R Block Online’s easy to use online interface, you will be guided step by step through the return process.

If you do get stuck, help is just a few clicks away!

I was completely surprised to find out that when you reach out to H&R Block Online for customer service, you are chatting with a real life tax professional that can help answer your questions (without you sitting on hold while a person in another continent finds the right department for you). ;)

This new “Ask a Tax Pro” service, gets you unlimited, on-demand chat sessions with a tax expert. You can even share your screen with the tax pro to discuss any specific questions unique to you.

Want a look over to make sure you covered all your bases on your return?

Simply ask your H&R Block Online tax professional to look over your filing and give you a thumbs up before you submit.

Of course, if you want to just hand everything over to an expert (I hear you #outsourcequeen!), H&R Block Tax Pro Go allows you to just upload your docs and have an expert do your taxes for you without ever stepping into an office.

Filing with H&R Block Online is even cheaper than Turbo Tax, which means you can use that extra cash for a celebratory cocktail after it’s all said and done!


Two tips for setting yourself up for success in the new season

While we’re chatting taxes, this season is also a really good time to take a look at your business’ overall financial picture.

Questions to dig into:

Was there growth or decline last year?

Are there opportunities to reduce expenses?

What months and categories were your sales was contributed to?

How was cash flow?

What are your financial goals for the coming year?

Were you accurate in estimating your quarterly tax payments?

Incorporate Financial Fridays

It turns out, you can get a little creative in the way you approach your financial responsibilities!

First, make a list of treats that you can pick from each month after you’ve completed a “Financial Friday.”

This is a day once a month (or week) where you reconcile your bookkeeping. Some tasks I do on these days include categorizing my expenses and income, looking at cash flow, and just generally staying on top of invoices, payments, and anything finance related.

I’ve found doing this activity makes it easy come tax season to pull together everything I need to submit my taxes by using simple tools like H&R Block Online.

Looking for more help for small business filing questions or just need some quick tips? Visit H&R Block:

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