Thinking of creating video content? Read this!

I spent the last few days at the Creative Founders Conference in sunny Florida and loved my time with the creatives there! I had the wonderful opportunity to share a few of my favorite content marketing strategies with the women in attendance as a speaker and presenter.

While my goal is always to stick to my main topic, I love to give a little freedom for relevant conversation and questions. One such side topic during this talk centered around creating live videos for your content. 

Video content is all the rage right now and definitely something you want to consider adding to your marketing mix-up in the next few months!

Here are a few important tips for creating live video content:

  • The first 10 seconds are crucial to keeping the attention of a viewer! You should care more about the replays than the live viewers during this time, so always start off with a quick greeting about who you are, what you do, and what the point is of the video.
  • Enthusiasm sells! Be a little more outgoing than you normally would — it makes for better storytelling and draws people in better. You may think it feels funny at first, but it really helps!
  • The sweet spot of video length is 4 minutes or less. After that, viewership tends to fall off.
  • Don't get distracted or carried away. While it's great to be engaging with your audience, refrain from welcoming every single person who show's up that you know — it's distracting for those who don't know them and really they want to hear more about what you're sharing about.
  • Have a call to action at the end of the video. What do you want the viewer to do next? Visit the link in the video caption (which you'll conveniently edit after the broadcast if you're on Facebook)? Join your newsletter? Subscribe to your channel or page? Tell them where you want them to go so they can learn more about what you're sharing.

When are you going to record your next (or first!) video? Comment below or join us in the Blooming Business community to let us know and get some accountability partners!