Why I Jumped into a Lake in New Hampshire



That was the fast excuse I made a few weeks ago when presented with a waterfall and an eager 8 year old with half excited, half uncertain eyes.

The waterfall had a natural slide and (with a bit of rock scrambling and some deep breaths) you could make your way across the algae covered stones to slide into the lagoon below.

That moment was an unexpected gut-check. It made me realize that I had been playing it safe for awhile — in my business and in my life.

I’d been choosing easy and comfortable (dare I say lazy?) over risk taking, learning, and experiencing new adventures.

In that safe area, life got boring. There were a lot of “some days”, “I don’t have times” and “not right nows” in my vocabulary.

It made me think of days, months, years from now… how I was eventually going to regret turning down this opportunity (as small or as big as it might be) to live life in a bigger way.

All because I didn’t want to wash my hair.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” my inner child screamed.

So I grabbed my son’s hand and courageously declared, “We’re doing it!”

Fast forward to this weekend...

My feet running down the wooden dock of a tiny lake in the middle of coastal New Hampshire… pushing off and launching myself into the twilight colored sky.

My arms and fists naturally went straight and strong into the air with the realization that I was leaping toward a new feeling of freedom.

Freedom to let my light shine. Permission to give, serve, and live life in a bigger way than ever before.

And in that two-second leap from the dock, my 2017 vision board came to life.

All because I intentionally chose to do the work to make it happen… and to give myself permission to do what makes my soul shine.

In just two weeks, I’ll be standing in a room at Inspired Retreat sharing my heart, truth, and light to 36+ women.

I’ll be giving them permission to live life in a bigger way — instead of on the sidelines where it’s safe and comfortable. I’m inviting you to do the same today.

What are YOU ready to leap toward in your business? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment and let me know.