How to Go From Indecision to Action in Your Business

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I’ve always been unable to make up my mind… worrying about taking the next move and unable to decide which path was best. I’d spend so much time listing out the pros and cons, analyzing potential outcomes or downsides to each scenario, and I’d never fully commit to the choice I did make. Or, even worse, I’d not even make a choice.

So, I’d sit and wait.... until the idea, the risk, or the leap lost its original shiny magic luster and floats on off to another human.

This was classic Amber Housley, y’all.

It wasn’t until I learned to trust myself and in something bigger than myself (for me, that is God) that I could wake up and see miracles in each day.

But how do you go from a place of indecision to one of trusting?

The answer? Just start.

You take action, right now.

You take the leap and decide each day is an opportunity to play and explore and just see what happens…

Soon, you’ll start to notice these little taps on your shoulder. Little rewards of letting go of control I’d like to think.

With every day and its thousands of ‘choose your own adventure’ options, I’m beginning to ask myself more and more “how could this be even better?” or “what would bring me joy?” and following that path.

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Los Angeles for a live, in-person experience with featured guest Lewis Howes for Amber Lilyestrom’s Mastermind.

While there, we talked a lot about the idea of living by a greater ethos. About asking yourself the tough questions to truly learn about your purpose and what is driving you.

  • Why are you doing the things you are doing?

  • Why do you want to serve that?

  • What are your revenue goals and how will you impact your family and the world with that revenue?


There’s so much gold in doing this tough discovery work, friend. All too often we think our customers already know our why, when really they need constant reminding. They have their own purpose and path, and we need to walk alongside them whenever we can.

I’ll share one of my WHYs for creating @InspiredRetreat:

I was craving a business experience where women like me came together to do all our favorite things: to get nerdy in all the business and marketing strategy, to get dressed up for a beautiful decorated dinner party where it wasn’t taboo to talk “shop” the entire time while enjoying signature cocktails, a place to get creative and play because we hardly had time for it these days, and to come home from it all more refreshed and invigorated than ever before! I created what I knew a community of women needed (including myself!).

Once the discovery work is done, you still need to shake things up...

One of the other things Lewis Howe talked extensively about during the mastermind was the idea of ‘constant innovation.’


He shared that he is constantly finding and seeking out ways to get better at both his business and life. This applies to the big stuff; taking new courses, attending conferences, launching new products, but also the small stuff as well.

What it all comes down to is what I said at the beginning—it’s all about taking action instead of giving into fear and being so overwhelmed by indecision that you never fully commit to a choice.

So, friend, take action in the new year, because you never know where it will lead you.

You can start by listening to this episode of the Bloom and Grow Show to hear more inspiring takeaways from Amber Lilyestrom’s retreat.