Two Simple Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (and What We Can Learn from Taylor Swift)


1. They launch something and don't tell anyone about it. 

“Build it and they will come” doesn’t quite work anymore friends. One share, one email is not going to produce the launch efforts you desire.

It takes more than a brief mention to our overly digitally stimulated minds for something new to sink into our heads. Repetition and new angles go a long way, my friend.

I was picking up lunch the other day... when a UPS truck rolled up alongside me. Printed on the side of it was T. Swift’s new album cover. Yes, on a UPS truck!

This is so ridiculously brilliant!

Think about it—UPS trucks travel all over the country, likely delivering Amazon packages daily and pulling into suburban neighborhoods and driveways like yours.

Have I bought her new album yet? No.

However, I’m reminded of the opportunity to do so often or I at least add her to my Spotify playlist which ends up sending some revenue her way anyway. Marketing mission accomplished in T. Swift’s book if you ask me.

2. They never quite define what success is for them.

If you never quite define your success, the end goal is going to be a constantly moving target.

If I asked you, right now, would you be able to define what success is in your business?

If not, drop everything, grab a pen, and take three minutes to describe what success is FOR YOU (not anyone else—this is key!)

If you were able to share your definition of success with me…

When was the last time you actually looked at the numbers to prove if other kinds of success are happening in your business?

When did you last record your metrics?

I’m talking sales, conversion rates, traffic, engagement… now before you cringe, know that I can help you with this! (See below.)

My point is... if you don’t name it (and measure it), you can’t claim it. If you don’t celebrate when you’ve reached your marker of success, this will be a long, unfulfilling journey. 

So today, I’m sharing my version of success. A pink beach house steps away from the sparkling blue waters. Just our little family for the week and an out of office notification on (except for this one email!)

I named it, I claimed it, and mama paid for it all. This is one act I give my family, and it is a definition of success for me.


This month, I’m thrilled to invite you to an opportunity to rectify these mistakes (and more):

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