Podcast: Planning for Profit

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The other week I was on my good friend (over 10 years now!) and master of task lists, Kristin Kaplan’s podcast - Planning for Profit. We talked about how business is a long-game; you have to be willing to embrace the changes and pivots that will occur over time.  As moms to little ones, we dig into the ups and downs of trying to schedule work calls around play time. We also share with you how to create a business that you truly enjoy and that fits into your life!

Take a listen to hear more of this lively, fun, and honesty-filled interview!

Kristin Kaplan is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, she is now happily settled in Nashville, Tennessee and loves everything about living in Music City. After spending 10 years managing a successful wedding planning company, Stunning Events, she now helps creative entrepreneurs and online experts plan and manage profitable businesses that fit into purpose-driven lives through business management, education, and coaching. She is also the writer and creator of The Pricing Workbook, a pricing guide for creative business owners.

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