Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade Drink Recipe

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade Recipe
Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade Recipe

It's official: after living in Tennessee for 10 years, I have become a fan of bourbon. This delicious cocktail was served at this past May's Inspired Retreat and was a big hit with attendees. Not to mention, there is nothing that says summer more than lemonade and fresh picked blackberries. This cocktail is not too sweet and is refreshingly tart - perfect for your next outdoor soiree!

Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade


4 cups of fresh squeezed lemonade 1 cup of pureed blackberries 1 cup of Jack Daniel's or your favorite bourbon 2 cups of frozen blackberries Fresh Mint


Mix all in large pitcher. Garnish ice-filled glass with fresh mint and serve to your guest with your favorite striped straw.

Photo by the lovely Gina Zeidler Photography