One Little Word: 2016

"I think I’m just exhausted,” I said simply as we were wrapping up our conversation. “I can see it in your eyes,” my friend kindly, but honestly replied.

I left our post-holiday lunch date, and on the drive home, thought about 2016 and what I wanted from it. Really, I just wanted to feel lighter.

As this year is wrapping up, day by day it is getting lighter.

I want more of that light in 2016.

Rise Up and Shine
Rise Up and Shine

In 2016... I will feel lighter. Live with more joy. Live lighter with less stuff. Let my heart be more light. Let more light in. Spread the light and be a light for others. Light the fire in my soul again for things I'm passionate about.

And quite honestly, someone who is definitely more fun to be around than I have been this last year.

It's funny, because I felt pretty smug a few weeks ago that my 2016 #onelittleword “grace” was all tied up with a bow.

But, Joy. Light. Shine…I loved all these words, too.

“Grace" brought me up to this week, but I felt a nagging sense that “light” was going to take me into the new year, and the next chapter.

Later that night, on the same day as our lunch date, I received the letter in the mail that I had wrote to myself back in October at Making Things Happen Conference.

This letter came to mind a few weeks ago and I couldn't recall if I actually wrote one or not, and if I did write one, I pondered what it contained.

It’s contents were the perfect confirmation and timing:

Amber, you made it!The sun finally shines again. You are loved and were created to spread joy. Keep taking pauses to take care of you. Self-care is just as important as the love and light you work so hard to give everyone else. May you continue to bask in the light and give thanks for every blessing you are enjoying today.

Floral Quote Inspiration
Floral Quote Inspiration

(image source: Kelli Trontel)

So, I close out this year and this season with so much thanks.

2015 was the year of "grow."

Goodness, I had no idea how that word and this year would pull and stretch me in the most uncomfortable of ways.

As a gardener, you plant seeds and have faith that it will grow. That the rain and sun will come when they are needed. You give thanks even when the harvest is smaller or bigger or wildly different than what you expected. And when the season is over, you're already imagining and excited about what could be with the knowledge you are now equipped with.

That is 2015 for me. Eagerly awaiting 2016 with a new season of planting and a whole lot of trust that this might be the best year yet. Even if it's not, His grace is sufficient for me.

So, let's bring on the "light" of 2016!

Do you have a word for 2016? I'd love to hear it.

You can view my Pinterest board of inspiration featuring imagery and quotes I love for my 2016 year of "light." I also highly recommend you check out my friend Ali Edwards' workshop created and dedicated to One Little Word.

One Little Word Light
One Little Word Light