You have a choice each and every single day.

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my mornings lately have been rough. My normal routine of early morning rising, followed by getting ready routine and daycare drop off, followed by gym power hour sessions that I know now really start my day off right and set me up for success....have all gone by the wayside.

Waking up when my son wakes up is not a good plan.

Feeling foggy and thinking coffee will cure it is not working.

Dealing with 3 year old getting dressed, brushing teeth/potty training/brushing hair battles/breakfast choices, combined with my limited patience in this half-asleep/half-rushed state, doesn't work well.

My workload is especially heavy this time of year. A lot of traveling and events all seemed to combine in to one big blur. I have a half dozen blog posts half-finished and I'm filled with guilt each time I don't finish them. My mind is churning with so many ideas and dreams that need to get out, just as soon as one list gets done...or another to-do is marked off.

But PLEASE don't think I'm unhappy with all of this.

I choose to feel blessed because my client roster is full. Full with clients I love and love my work back.

I choose to feel grateful that so many women traveled to Tampa and believed in hearing what I had to say.

I choose to be excited about all those ideas and dreams I have because I know whole-heartedly I have the potential to make them their own time.

I choose to be thankful to be able to travel to Engage to meet new friends, reconnect with some former, and spend time working on my business instead of in it.

I choose to be happy in knowing that I am NOT superwoman. And would love to shout from the roof-tops to all those who sometimes think I am:

No, really! Please don't sit back and wonder how I do it all! Because frankly I don't do it all. There's even a few things I don't do well. But every now and then I do something that is good. Maybe even great. Actually, even awesome. Something that matters. Something that makes a difference. Something that makes people smile. And I choose to appreciate those gifts and the talents that I'm able to share with you and others. This is an acknowledgement of "choice." Of feeling blessed, grateful, thankful, excited and most of all, happy, then allows me to get back to living a life I really love with full intention. My head is then back in the game of choosing to make things happen.

Maybe you can relate to my morning experience, or can identify with the mile-long to-do list...but really, how do you choose to be today?