Last Night I Danced with a Tub of Ice Cream


Last night I danced with a tub of ice cream.

And then I shared it with 14,000 people.

If you watched it, you were probably wondering, “why on earth is she dancing with her ice cream? Is that the new marketing strategy for Inspired Retreat?”

No, it's not.

I'm just a mama gearing up for a long night of work after getting my monkeys in bed. And, when you open the freezer and behold a beautiful little carton of ice cream that you can eat all by yourself without sharing… you get excited enough to dance for a few thousand Internet BFFS.

When I shared that video, I wasn’t thinking about Inspired Retreat, Joyful Garden Planner, or my marketing consulting clients.

I was thinking about all the other mamas out there who, like me, have their hair tied up in a sloppy bun after a long day in the work and family trenches… mamas who are getting ready to sit at their computers for the late night shift—when all they want to do is climb into a warm bed and sleep until next week.

I am right there with you, friend. There aren’t enough hours in the day, so sometimes I give up my nights, too.

I recently started working with a new business coach. I think I do a pretty good job of showing you the behind-the-scenes of my business, but she urged me to be even more authentic in my storytelling, to have more fun, to let my hair down.

Because when you connect with who you truly are, that's when you shine brightly. And when you shine, you inspire others around you to do the same.

Sometimes we need to be a little less polish and a lot more fun. We need to stop over-thinking our next move on social media and instead focus on just getting our message out there.

That is being authentic.

That is when the real you shines through.

That is what keeps customers and clients coming back for more.

How will you incorporate this in your marketing this week? Comment below and let me know.

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