Behind the Scenes of Inspired Retreat


“I keep hearing about how “life changing” Inspired Retreat is.”

“What am I signing up for?”

“Is my business ready for this?”

“Am I ready this?”

“Inspired is a big investment . . . is it worth it?”

“What will I walk away with?”

“Can I really step away from my clients, my babies, and my life for a week?”

If you’re hesitating on investing your money and time in Inspired Retreat, know that you aren’t alone. Over 200 beautiful, creative women have attended Inspired Retreat since it launched in 2012 and every single one of them questioned themselves before making the leap and joining me on this wonderful journey.

Every week, I chat with creatives who are interested in Inspired but want a little more clarity on if it’s the right fit for them… Sometimes it is, and other times it isn’t. No matter what, though, I love having the opportunity to talk with these lovely ladies who are building dreams, growing businesses, and raising families.


That’s why I’m hosting a “lunch and learn” style webinar where I’ll walk through everything you have ever wanted to know about Inspired Retreat. So grab a glass of sweet tea and join me on August 1 at 1:00pm (Central).

Whether you are an attendee at our TENTH gathering in September 2017 or you’re considering attending in the future, this webinar will uncover all the delightful details that goes into our one of a kind experience. 

See you soon!

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PS—Be sure to submit your questions ahead of time so I can answer them on the live show.