30-Day Healthy Living Challenge

Hi, friend! I'm so excited to share about the Arbonne 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge with you. I've been using Arbonne products for a few months now and LOVING them, and this is the first time doing the challenge. As you might know, accountability is SUPER important to any new program, so I decided to bring you along for the fun! This April, my dear friend, Maghon Taylor and I will be hosting the Happy Healthy April challenge group!

Learn more by watching the video below. 


A few things to know about the program:

This program is not just about weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, it’s about overall health, reducing inflammation, detoxifying your body, and increasing energy (YAY!).

When you order the special value pack as a Preferred Client, you get everything need for the 30 days (see below!) at 40% off and lifetime access to the program. 

To learn even more about the program, you can find all the details here


Are you ready for a fresh start this spring?

Getting started:

You can email me amber at amberhousley.com with any questions and I will be happy help you get setup! Or you can sign up now and place your order by visiting my Arbonne website.

We'll then invite you to the exclusive coaching group on Facebook where we'll be share meal plan ideas, shake and meal recipes, lists, guides and more! 

The goal of this challenge will be to get happy and healthy together in a fun and easy way!

I look forward to having you join the challenge. 


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How to place your Preferred Customer Order

Watch this easy 2-minute video to see how to create your account and select your special value pack at 40% off!